Online Shop

Custom orders are now closed for the year. The only items left in my shop are ready made items which i am able to ship in time for christmas such as clothing, patches, and gift coupons for courses. Custom orders will resume in January 2021.

This shop is for items which are made to order, but without having to go through the back and forth of requesting a custom order.  If you would like something similar but more personalised, or have something unique in mind, just get in touch via the contact page to discuss.

There are also some off the shelf items marked "buy now" which are ready made, ready to ship immediately without waiting for it to be made.

NOTE:  Current turnaround time for leather items is closer to 8 weeks. I aim to get to orders as soon as possible, alas I'm just one man and life/health can stretch my turnaround time on orders, so please bear this in mind.