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Pictavia Services

Here at Pictavia, our interest for Pictish culture stretches beyond just craft alone. We offer a variety of services to take full advantage of our research experience, and passion for Pictish history.

Services we provide (see below for more detail):

Leatherwork Courses
Historical Consultancy, costume and props for television and films
Lectures/interviews on Pictish culture and craft


Leathercraft Courses

We run bespoke leathercraft workshops arranged by booking, for one-to-one mentoring or a group of two or three persons from the Pictavia workshop in Perthshire.

Alternatively, if you are a venue looking for craft workshops, we can also provide this with a similar structure as below.

Our courses are ideal for those who have a specific project in mind or just want to learn the basics. This can be from a starter day making a belt, to a three day more immersive course making a sporran, shoulder bag, or fitting several smaller projects together.
Longer courses may also be required to work on more detailed and advanced projects, subject to discussion.

Course vouchers can also be purchased in the shop as a gift, and the recipient can just get in touch to arrange a date for their course.


Workshops will cover as much as the craft as possible from how to select leathers, to cutting, carving, dyeing, hand stitching, lacing, braiding, and offer a comprehensive list of tools and where to get them at the best price.Workshop pupils will come away from a course with not only a nice finished product, but the means to confidently continue leatherwork on their own with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.

Courses ran from the Pictavia workshop:

Here is a full breakdown of leatherworking courses available with us. Prices are per person for one to one tuition. Discounts can be made for groups, and larger group courses will be scheduled throughout the year. All courses can be purchased in the shop, also with a gift option.


Contemporary leather working courses


These courses are to gain a foundation in leather working, learning about leather, the industry, tools both old and modern, in order to create functional items that fit with our everyday lifestyle. 


One day basic starter course - belt making. £175

Two day starter course - wallet making.   £300

Three day intermediate course - sporran making. £450

Four day advanced course - satchel making £600



Historic leather working courses 


These courses are for making specific historical goods with historical techniques. Perfect for living history and reenactment or those who are inspired by ancient crafts. They require more research and a deeper understanding of ancient leather working roots and how we connect to it today. 


One to two days - sheaths £200-300

Two days - flask or tankard £300

 Two days - crannog bag £300


Media Consultancy

Hamish has appeared on many television shows as either a historical or Pictish craft expert, talking about ancient craft, Pictish culture, and often paddling corcles too.  as well as providing behind the scenes historical consultancy for media.

As a small company, we have offered our services as location scouts, set dressing, costume and props, and providing Pictish extras with combat experience for choreographing fight scenes. If you want to film something Pictish, we have you covered.

Television shows Pictavia Leather has been involved with:
Ancient Murder Mysteries
Grand Tours of Scotlands Lochs
Secret Scotland
Worlds Most Scenic River Journeys
Five Celebrities Go Fishing
Scary Adult Things
60 Seconds of Craft


Lectures & Interviews

We aim to combine our craft experience with the academic knowledge from archaeology to interpret the past.

When it comes to talking about historic craft or Pictish history, Hamish has a lot to share. Whether it's giving lectures for museums and universities, speaking on archaeology panels, or chatting on a podcast or youtube video, our passion and experience shines through.

You can tune in to some of our chats on the Northern Fire Podcast, Nordic Mythology Podcast, and Irish Medieval History Youtube channel.


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