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A true Scottish Sporran!

I am very proud to present my interpretation of a beautiful sporran that is displayed in the National Museum of Scotland. It is labelled as 17th century, with little other detail to go on. However I fell in love with it the first time I saw it nearly a decade ago and have always wanted to make it. It has such stunning detail in it with the lacing style, the thin rolled edges whip stitched into place, and the twisted cords and braided parts.

These are made with Scottish deerskin which is traditionally bark tanned. This allows us to get the right properties in the hide, and keep to as authentic material as possible.

I have tried to keep as close to how I interpret the original as much as possible. The leather is soft and beautiful, the detail is fine, and its use is very practical. It is a great example of true Scottish craft, and I hope I have done the original justice.

Jacobite Sporran NMS

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