Living History.
This page is dedicated to my interest in Pictish living history.

The Picts are thought to be the Indigenous population of Scotland descended from the Cruithne. Emerging in the third century AD from amalgamating tribes in the North and East of Scotland, the Picts fought and repelled the Romans, Britons, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and fought the Scots before they joined with them around the ninth century. We in Scotland are descended from that mix of Picts/Scots.

Pictish stones scattered throughout the North and East of Scotland are the greatest remains we have of what was once a fierce nation of our ancestors. Due to having so few archaeological finds, it is important to me to research what we do have, and if possible create historical replicas in order to understand our ancestors more and build up a stronger image of what they truly looked like, and how they lived.

From my own research, I have produced my interpretation of the Pictish Dundurn shoe (there is a full write up in my blog section), a Pictish tunic, and the Dalriadan Loch Glashan Crannog bag. By using these replicas when I go on Pictish camps here in Scotland I aim to learn more about them and how they fit into everyday life.