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A decade of leather...

A decade has now gone by since I began my leatherworking journey. How it has flown by! From small acorns do large trees grow indeed. The first thing I made from leather was a tiny belt clip and of course I thought nothing of it at the time (but I do still have it!) . But through various times of struggle I turned to leatherwork to keep busy, and stay focused, and it grew from there into a passion and finally into a living very naturally. Leatherwork has taught me how to learn, how to create, and how to teach. It has given me my place in this world, with a way to connect to others through what I can make with my hands. A decade in and I am already living the dream pursuing a more focused progression into Scottish history and archaeology, and passing on my skills to others in the hope I'll inspire someone else to the path. I look forward to another decade and more. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years in all ways, I'm truly honoured!


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