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Pictavia Leather!

The time has come for my business to grow and adapt to the path I am on, and so I have rebranded as Pictavia Leather. Over the last few years i have pursued historic leatherworking more and more, and am always delving into anything Pictish or Scottish history based. Pictavia is another name for Pictland (early medieval Scotland) and as the foremost Pictish leatherworker in the land this will suit me much better. The new logo I have designed is blend between a medieval leatherworkers head knife and a Pictish Crescent V-rod symbol which is found on most of the Pictish stones in/around Inverurie where I grew up in the North-East of Scotland. Half Goat has served me well (especially since I came up with it when this was just a hobby to pass the time) but it doesn't reflect my focus anymore. This new direction is the right way onwards and upwards for me and my business. So over the next few months you can expect to see a lot of Pictavia Leather promotion, giveaways, and videos. I'll slowly transition things over as I go to keep folk in the loop. Don't worry, I'll still be making all the same things like viking and bushcraft gear, it will just have a different logo on it A massive thanks to all those who have and continue to support me and my business, love and peace. Hamish The new logo combining head knife and crescent vrod

Traditional leatherworking head/round knife (this one forged by Dave Budd handmade knives in England)

Brandsbutt and Broomend of Crichie Pictish stones, Inverurie, as drawn by John Borland.


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