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Celts at the Crannog

Another fantastic weekend at the Celts are Coming event at the Scottish Crannog Center on Loch Tay. It's a weekend of traditional crafts at the Crannog which is an iron age roundhouse built on the Loch. We had some awesome crafts on show from David Mcgovern stone carving, Jon Mac spoon carving, Peter Annanin tanning, there was coracle building, plant dyeing, blacksmithing, bronze casting, traditional foods, music, story telling, all sorts. We were also lucky enough to enjoy a night sleeping in the crannog together, me and Fionn were toasty in the animal pens It's such a relaxing event for me as the staff could not be more friendly or helpful, and it's such a magical place to be a part of.

A beautiful carving given to us by David Mcgovern as a house warming gift, we were speechless!

See you all next year ;)


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