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Here are some links I'd like to share (in no particular order):


Bushcraft UK - A great online community for all things Bushcraft in the United Kingdom. You will find my work under my forum user: Dreadhead.

Leatherworker - A great place to look for leatherworking information. - Leather supplier in Newcastle. Excellent service and reputation.

Bronze Age Swords
- The finest bronze weapons

Dave Budd - Handmade knives and tools

Macdonald Armouries - Reputable sword maker here in Scotland.

Monikie Rock art - Pictish Stone Carver

Scottish Crannog Center - Iron age roundhouse on Loch Tay

Chris Grant knife maker - superb knives made in Scotland

Spooncarvingfirststeps - Jon Mac spooncarver

Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo - Norman Smithers Martial Arts

Skolopender - The finest honey in Norway!

Wee Beasties
- Gorgeous needle felted goods by Fionn Mckenzie.

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