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A Scottish Day Sporran entirely handmade in Scotland by a Scot ;)

Made from sturdy vegetable tanned cowskin with a goatskin gusset, with braided tassels, and an attachment loop on the back to take a sporran belt/chain.

Hand carved designs available are:
Pictish Z-rod from the St Orlands stone (pictured),
Pictish wolf from the Keillor or Ardrossan stone (pictured),
Pictish bear from Glamis stone (pictured),
Rhynie man stone (pictured)
Pictish Crescent Vrod from St Orlands Stone (pictured)

There are many other Pictish carvings to choose from, I just do not have pictures of them, so If you have a different design you would like carved, please get in touch to discuss.

This listing is made to order, so please allow 6 weeks lead time. This is an estimate only as I'm a one man business, and can sometimes fall behind a week or two. Please get in touch if you need your order for a specific date to confirm I can have it ready in time.

Pictish Day Sporran

PriceFrom £350.00
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