Handmade wallets inspired by norse history.

The outer is high quality cowhide, and the inner is supple goatskin which is soft but very strong. They have a full length pocket for notes, three card slots, and a coin purse with an extra card pocket behind it (can also be made with only card slots). Hand stitched with linen thread.

Hand carved with the following designs:

Odin riding his horse Sleipnir, from the Engvid stone.
Ravens, Hugin and Munin.
Yggdrasil tree of life.
Dragon in the Urness style.
Valknut, the spear symbol of Odin.
Mjolnir Thors hammer.
Runes (of your choice).

This listing is made to order, so please allow 6 weeks lead time. This is an estimate only as I'm a one man business, and can sometimes fall behind a week or two. Please get in touch if you need your order for a specific date to confirm I can have it ready in time.

Viking Wallets