The hooded  cloak is an ancient and practical garment worn in the British Isles since at least the iron age.

A roman tax edict named a hooded cloak as the Birrus Britannicus as one of the main exports from Britannia. 
It remained a popular garment throughout the iron age and early medieval period as we see it often in  Pictish stone carvings too.

We now offer a second style of cloak, based in the Archer figurine from Chelmsford museum which is shorter at the front to allow more movement for archery, fighting, or working. 

Wether a pilgrim, farmer, warrior, wanderer, noble, or travelling craftsman, this hooded cloak is ideal to keep warm, and somewhat protected from the elements. 

We use these cloaks for our Pictish camps, and find them very practical as an outer later to keep the wind and light rain at bay. Great to shelter under for firelighting in a storm, cosie to wrap up in by the fire, and to use as an extra sleeping blanket. 

Our cloaks are made by Ian Potter from Cloaked in Time , from pure felted wool, with the hood lined with linen. The hood is machine sewn with linen thread.

These are one size fits all, currently in sage green and dark grey. 

Made to order, so please allow 4 weeks lead time.

Caledonian Cloak