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Apprentice needed!

After almost a decade of working alone, I am now seeking an apprentice to join me in my workshop in the rural Scottish countryside near Perth. This is a chance for me to pass on my skills, and train someone up with a niche traditional craft, and have some fresh energy in the workshop. This person will be able to attend events and festivals with me, work on interesting projects and replicas, be able to train with other craftsmen I work alongside, and gain a skill for life. Applicants must have a keen interest in traditional leatherwork, and ideally history/archaeology as most of what I produce is history based. A basic use of hand tools would be useful but not essential as all training will be provided. It's an informal apprenticeship so there are no age restrictions. This is initially a six month voluntary part-time position (happy to fit work schedule around a part time job), with the potential for a permanent paid role in the future. it would help if applicants are relatively local, mobile in a van or such, or able to commute. I'm working on arranging accommodation in the near future. However i believe there is always a solution so don't let that put you off! I'll be reviewing applications over the coming months, and will only close applications when I have filled the role. Successful applicants will be invited to come and spend a trial day in the workshop to get a feel for the work and see if it's a good fit. Note: although the position is unpaid for the first six months during training, there are often grants to be sought towards heritage craft training that would help support the applicant during this time. There is almost no support from the scottish government sadly, but organisations like the Heritage Crafts Association are worth a look to find a suitable grant. Please download the application form from the contact page on my website and return via email to

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