• Hamish Lamley

The Stag Seax

This is my knife: Stig the Stag Seax. I traded a pouch for the blade whilst at Gudvangen viking market this year, and handled it with some stag antler a dear friend gave me from his farm, and wanted to incorporate the spirit of the stag into the sheath. The loops for retention are from stag antler, and the sheath is tooled with various Pictish stags (designs courtesy of Craig Low) using a tool I made myself from stag antler. The sheath was finished by hotwaxing it to bring some of the colour in the natural leather out without using any dyes.

As the knife is full tang I do not aim to use/wear this for living history. Nor is it a strictly saxon piece with the Pictish stags. It is more a reflection of myself and my tastes; A modern Pictish leatherworker who has taken inspiration from his saxon neighbours to blend modern and traditional styes into a useable and wearable tool.

April edit: Above the sheath has had another coating of hot wax to bring out the colour more.

Carving the stag seax sheath with a peice of stag antler:

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